Watermelon Sherbet

I wanted to post this dessert in the summer, but I failed. Well, it is darn good, so it doesn’t matter when you eat good stuff, right?

Anyways, do you know what is the difference between ice cream, sorbet and sherbet?

Ice cream – contains milk and eggs + flavorings

Sorbet – consists just from sugar, water and flavorings

Sherbet – is a mix between ice cream and sorbet. It has more sorbet like structure but is smoother, because it contains parts of milk, cream or yoghurt.

watermelon sherbet

It is quite a challenge to make the watermelon flavor pop. It tastes, in fact, like a sugary water. For that it is necessary to use help of lemon and reduce the water significantly to retain the strength.

Dexter wants my sherbet

Dexter wants my sherbet


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