Vanilla Cronuts

Cronuts are still considered to be quite a hipster food. However, there are already so many cronut tutorials out there that they are becoming a mainstream faster than we may think. Cronuts make everybody go nuts. Nowadays people even came up with fonuts (sth like steamed donuts). Personally, I am open to new pastry trends and welcome them with open arms and mouth and consequently share them on my blog.

Vanilla cronut
For the cronuts it is necessary to make a croissant dough. For many, including me, that is a small nightmare. If you are not baking for an army, it is no not worth the time and effort. And the result is never comparable to a professional bakery, because their machines can execute millimeter precision when constructing the layers.

The theory behind making cronuts is about working the croissant dough until you achieve minimally three turns (+/- 27 layers), then you cut out those cute rings and leave to rise.

Puff pastry
Look how beautifully they turned out!
puffed pastry
I also have to make croissants of course, because I can :)Croissants and cronuts
Then I heated 1/2 liter of oil to 220 C and cooked them for about 10-15 seconds until golden. There is a very thin line between gold and ashes so keep an eye on them all the time.
vanilla cronuts from puff pastry
Fill your babies with vanilla pastry cream and glaze them with egg white and lemon juice (a little bit more liquid consistency than the one you use on a gingerbread house).
crispy and delicious cronuts

Fluffy and delicious! – if you buy it at Dominique Ansel’s…

My were way too buttery and greasy for my liking. Therefore I didn’t share the recipe, it is not something I would sell in my bakery one day. I put my name on everything that is defined by creaminess and lightness.

I would love to see your results!

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