Esterházy Torta

The most popular cake for the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy is Esterházy torta.

As a part of the Daring Baker’s challenge I approached this cake for the first time. As first I was a bit sceptical towards the taste of this cake, because it is solely based on hazelnuts, and the filling consists mainly of butter. However, I have to admit that the opposite is truth – the roasted hazelnut gives it a crunch and even a smoky touch. The buttery filling in combination with the lightest hazelnut dacquoise play together in a fine balance.

esterhazy cake

I used this recipe from Daring Bakers.


For the topping I avoided sugar glaze and used condensed milk instead. Why to use powdery glaze when there is something so delicious, milky smooth and it beautifully complements the overall cake taste?

esterhazy torta


  • be aware when roasting your hazelnuts that there is a super fine line between the best roasted hazelnuts and burnt bitter ashes. Pre-heat your oven to 180C and keep an eye on your tray, it should not take more than 10 minutes. Don’t roast the hazelnuts for the dacquiose dough, because it may cause the top to burn.

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