Mousse cheesecake

Introducing a new and unique style of cheesecakes that we became really fond of! Creamy cheesecake topped with an airy mousse. Everything is served on sablé crust or granola crust, if you are gluten intolerant. This concept is very versatile, we are usually using the fruits of the season and add a custom decorations.

Tell us about your event and we can prepare for you a mousse cheesecake curated to your personal taste!

Hallon mousse ostkaka Delight me


8 servings: 360 kr
12 servings: 500 kr
15 servings: 630 kr

Prices include VAT. 

The most popular combinations:

Crusts: vanilla, vanilla and almond, chocolate, granola
Mousses: vanilla, chocolate, salted caramel, coffee, gianduja (haselnut), raspberry, forest berries, lemon, lime

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