Mousse Cake

Mousse cakes belong to the ultimate royalty of light cakes. What makes these cakes so special, is the signature light cake using an old family recipe, based on a steaming water. This layer of foamy biscuit is then topped with as much mousse as it can possibly hold and decorated with fresh edible flowers, seasonal fruits, homemade candies and macarons.

Just pick your mousse(s), a favorite biscuit and we will prepare an amazing showstopper for you.


8 servings: 290 kr / +50 kr
12 servings: 390 kr / +50 kr
16 servings: 490 kr / + 50 kr
20 servings: 590 kr / +50 kr

The first price is for a mousse cake with one mousse, + 50 kr if you choose a mousse combo. All prices include VAT/moms.

Light chocolate cake with coconut mousse

The most popular combinations

Biscuit: vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, poppy seed
Mousse: vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, coffee, caramel, gianduja (hazelnut), forest fruits, lemon, lime
Mousse combo: vanilla + chocolate, coffee + caramel, raspberry + chocolate, gianduja + chocolate, vanilla + forest berries, raspberry + lime

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