How to order

How to order a cake

To order a cake, send us an email with the following information:

  1. Type of cake or pastry
  2. Number of servings
  3. Allergies*
  4. Accessories (candles, written name)
  5. Other wishes (theme, include favourite ingredient)
  6. Delivery (free pickup or personal delivery, fee depends on the size of the order)

Within 24 hours we will confirm the time and set the price for your order.

We would like to spend time to perfect your cake, therefore it is the best to contact us as soon as possible :)

*Currently we sell cakes without gluten nuts or lactose upon request, however, there may still be traces of these ingredients. Not suitable for strong allergies.


Price depends upon a requested cake size and an amount of decoration. 

Here is an estimate for a standard mousse cake.

  • 8 servings = Ø 16 cm
  • 12 servings = Ø 20 cm
  • 16 servings = Ø 24 cm

Prices above are including moms.

For larger desserts and dessert tables, please contact me for more information at least a week in advance.

Cake delivery

You are welcome to pick up your cake at our cake production at Krankajen 16 in Malmö. For larger orders we can provide for you a delivery within Malmö. 

If the delivery address is outside of Malmö, please include that information in the message and I will get beck to you.

If you have any questions

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