Cocktail Cheesecake

Light and creamy cake with the flavours of your favourite cocktail! After your first bite you realize this is not an ordinary New York cheesecake. The texture is moussy and the crust is made of light granola. Choose between mojito, margharita, cosmopolitan and irish coffee. 

Interested in a cocktail cheesecake? Tell us how boozy you want your cheesecake to be and we will personalize it for you. 


16 cm/8 and more servings: from 360 kr, inkl moms
20 cm/12 and more servings: from 500 kr, inkl moms
24 cm/15 and more servings: from 630 kr, inkl moms

mojito cheese cake

Mojito cheesecake with bold lime and mint flavors.

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