Wobbly crémeux cake

Elegant, light and smooth cake with well balanced sophisticated flavors. This unique cake concept is low on fat and carbohydrates, bold flavours supported by a light moussy body and gelatin.

Tell us about your event and we can prepare for you a wobbly cremeux cake curated to your personal taste!


16 cm/8 and more servings: from 360 kr, inkl moms
20 cm/12 and more servings: from 500 kr, inkl moms
24 cm/15 and more servings: from 630 kr, inkl moms

This particular wobbly crémeux cake has a flavour of coffee and caramel cremeux. Already your first bite will take you for a journey. You start with a crumbly sablé breton cookie that gives you the first nutty kick. Gradually you reach a silky smooth layer of salted caramel crémeux that prepares your taste buds for the light coffee mousse with hints of bitterness. That all is sealed with a wobbly espresso-cocoa glaze that is so shiny that it mirrors your satisfied face when you lean over the cake.

Coffee caramel wobbly cake

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