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Delight me is a destination that allows you to sit back, relax and fully soak inspiration for your desserts. Explore my way of re-creating desserts from the top chefs all around the world. You may find my recipes a bit nerdy, but that is because for me baking is a science. Experimenting. A journey. A way of self expression.


I am not a fan of desserts that you eat to get full or to ‘satisfy your sweet tooth’. I’m talking about the desserts that are frosted by butter and sugar and covered with fondant with ton of food coloring all looking ”cute”. Sadly, this is the cake fashion today. I dare to step out of this crowd of inedible cake decorations that help you develop diabetes.

But wait! This is not one of those hipster blogs that eat raw paleo earthy stuff that is free of everything that a normal dessert should consist of. Milk, cream, butter, eggs, sometimes even bacon or bone marrow are vital parts of my pastries. For those who want to loose weight I have just one advice: Eat less! If you want to have a real dessert do not cut corners. Everyone has a right to be a bohemian from time to time :)

Research, experiment, perfect

My desserts are inspired by world’s classics, taking the best of French, Slovak, Austrian and Nordic cuisines. I say inspired, because I am not a copycat. I don’t open a recipe book and follow through the recipe. As a marketing graduate, market researcher and data analyst by profession – guess what – I do research.

My aim is to get the best technique to achieve results that are closest to perfection, to optimise process, minimise flaws and maximise my knowledge in the field. Research gives me opportunity to scan what is out there and combine the best elements from more desserts together. I constantly monitor the top chefs and pastry trends on the market to bring my pastries to the next level for you.

Are you curious about trying new ingredients, mixing new flavours and surprising your guests with something stunning? You are on the right blog, so stay tuned!

You save loads of your precious time using my flawless how-to guides without any additional effort.

With that said I still would like you to question everything. I want you to test my recipes with YOUR twist.

I hope my dessert ideas will inspire you in creating something spectacular for your family and freinds. Something Starbuck’s can’t mass produce, that your favourite sprinkly cup cake store doesn’t offer. Comment and share how your dessert ended up and inspire me and the sweet-stuff-loving community.
For those who wish to have a stunning customised dessert ready for your party, contact me and I will deliver : ) .

with love,
Delight me

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